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I am an architectural designer, turned aspiring entrepreneur, turned a passionate UX/UI designer with a desire to make a positive impact through smart, human-centric design. I have a passion for building highly-polished digital experiences that are rooted in research and strategy.

Based in Toronto, ON

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MEI is a digital tool designed for users to virtually try on makeup trends using AI and AR technology.

Users can find their perfect shades, customize their looks and shop all at their fingertips. It’s like having a personal glam squad in your own pocket!

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Collaborated with data scientists and web developers in a 24-hour hackathon challenge to create an innovative solution that explores data security.

Rookie is an education tool designed to engage in real-time interactions through Google Chrome to improve user privacy through data education.


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AR-focused mobile app for an educational charity to improve their mobile experience and optimize their global reach.

The Self-Checkout tool allows users to learn more about breast awareness in hopes of reducing late state cancer diagnosis.

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Evaluated the usability of Poshmark’s social marketplace app & its registration process.

Expressed usability assessment findings through industry techniques including visual comparison, labeling, clear & concise language, and logical justification.


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Website redesign to increase non-profit donations by simplifying the donation process & checkout.

ANIDA is an international organization that runs community-based programs in Ontario, Ghana and Jamaica.

I Believe design is..

a friend,

a bridge,

a superpower,

Design doesn’t just know you but gets you. In moments of frustration, Design actively seeks out solutions that uniquely serve your struggle. I’m a firm advocate for sensitivity and empathy (in both life and design!), and center my work around a deep understanding of people. 

Design happens in conversation with others! I’m always seeking opportunities in intersectionality: I love learning from designers and non-designers alike to better inform my craft and my ability as a collaborator.

- and with great power, comes great responsibility. Design is an instrument of influence that must be wielded with intention. I think deeply about what I want my design to achieve and only until it delivers upon its purpose do I sign my work.